Jessica Agatucci prefers to let her clients and exceptionally curated clothes play the starring role in her
coveted boutiques.  With a thoughtful hand in every detail, she elevates the standard for personalization.
Jessica fled to Los Angeles from her native San Diego to cultivate her passion for discovering up and coming brands,
only to realize her true passion was to bring these contemporary designers to San Diego trendsetters.  In 2005, tucci boutique was born.
Inspired by her travels, Agatucci uses her keen sense of observation and instinct to continue to put San Diego on the map
for high-end fashion and the quintessential hub of all things chic.  Loyal clients admire her ability to keep things fresh,
but to her the biggest satisfaction comes from the longevity of timeless classic pieces that her guests cherish for years.

 Jessica Agatucci (second from left) and the tucci team.


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