Harwell Godfrey

Crux Pendant Necklace

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Crux: A symbol of protection

A note from the designer-

"I began designing this collection right at the time when Roe V Wade was overturned. I was thinking a lot about my rights as a woman and the violation of having them so brutally eroded and wanted to create something that really embodied the notion of protection. I consider myself spiritual, not religious, so have never been a cross wearer, but love the symbolism of an equal sided cross. Not only does it represent protection and bravery, particularly in the Maltese cross, but an equal sided cross also known as the “balanced” or “peaceful” cross also symbolizes the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the four directions, North South, East and West. I find the collection of those elements and directions together in one symbol to have a lot of potency. There’s also an four sided cross Adrinka symbol named Mmusuyidee which literally means “that which removes bad luck” and denotes good luck and fortune.

I named the collection “Crux” which is Latin for cross, but which also means “a vital, basic, decisive or pivotal point” and “an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome.” My rights as a woman are basic and vital and until women are in control of their own bodies, this issue is not resolved"


  • 18k yellow gold, diamonds, pink sapphire and mother of pearl crux cross pendant necklace.
  • 16-18" adjustable chain
  • Diamond 0.06ct, pink sapphire 0.07ct
  • Mother of pearl

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