Celine Daoust

Marquise Eye Necklace - Light Grey Tourmaline


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Celine Daoust 14k light yellow gold marquise in light grey tourmaline marquise eye & dangling details with diamonds necklace.

The anja eye is one of the most important symbols in hinduism. Often surrounded by rays of sunlight, the anka eye represents the eye of divine wisdom that seeks to see and know universal truths. 

Tourmaline, one of Celine's favorite stones, has many spiritual and healing powers as well as magnetic and protective properties. Grey tourmaline encourages gratitude, patience, and serenity.


. Unique Piece

. Pendant is approx . 1,2 X 0,7 cm wide
. Chain is 40 cm long
. SOLID GOLD 14K — 585/1000

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