Mason and Books

A Touch Of Sugar Necklace - Opal and Diamonds



Founder Jamie Books' passion for jewelry began at a very early age, and after spending 15 years designing luxury accessories, she launched her own line, Mason and Books. Inspired by love, family and an appreciation of color, each dainty piece is handmade by master jewelers at the dedicated workshop in New York with a focus on American craft and high-quality materials.

The Spectrum collection celebrates the spectrum of emotion— the idea that light and the dark together don’t necessarily make grey; but rather something completely beautiful and unique on its own. We can be both; soft and strong, angry and loving. Women have a unique ability to embody many emotions at the same time--even contradicting ones. This is one of a woman’s many super powers that MB will be celebrating in this series.

Ethiopian Opal and Pink Opal

14k gold

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